The Massachusetts Historical Commission is engaged in a multi-year project to convert to digital formats (PDF and JPG) the Inventory of Historic Assets of the Commonwealth and the nomination files of properties in Massachusetts on the National Register of Historic Places for display on MHC's web site Inventory files. Selected images are being systematically scanned in reverse alphabetical order by town. Scanned inventory forms for each town will be made available through MACRIS as soon as that town has been completed. In addition, irrespective of town order, most inventory forms and images submitted to MHC in electronic form are being added as soon as they have been entered into the MACRIS database.

Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places have been converted to PDF form in reverse chronological order, taking advantage of electronic versions retained since 2000. Scanning of National Register nominations listed prior to 2000 has already begun and is expected to be completed about the same time as the scanning of the Inventory. More Information